There are over 40 million people enslaved worldwide.

We're here to change that.

Stand with ORC

Our mission is simple:

We empower the Heroes fighting human exploitation to be more capable and effective.

Our work saves lives.

The goal is to multiply the impact of these Heroes fighting for freedom and help them come home safely.

Find out how you can Stand with ORC and the fight against human exploitation and sex trafficking.


Elite combat science training that gives rescuers the skillsets needed to perform their work and come home safely


Equipping teams with the right tools to do their job, from protocols and information technology to specialized gear


Coaching and support for rescuers that teaches mental resilience in the face of danger and high-stakes scenarios

Every two minutes a child is enslaved

Global Human trafficking generates 150 billion dollars a year, making it the world's second largest criminal enterprise.

That is more than 17 MILLION dollars every hour.

Victims are bought and sold by cartels, criminals, and criminal enterprises where they are sexually exploited, forced into work camps, or subjected to organ harvesting.

Human trafficking has more than tripled in the last decade due to high monetary reward with low risk of punishment for exploiters. This is not just happening in a far-off place. It's happening right here on US soil. That's where our work begins.

Stand with ORC


Sponsor a hero.


Stop a predator.


Save a child.

Meet The Founders

Harley Elmore

Founder/ Director of Training

Tuhon Harley Elmore creates specially designed programs for rescuers drawing off years of experience working with the most elite military and law enforcement teams in the world including U.S. Army Special Forces, U.S. Naval Special Warfare and Special Operations Command (SOCOM.)

Keith Waggoner

Founder/ Visionary

Dr. Keith Waggoner develops programs to teach mental and emotional skills for enhanced performance and increased adaptability. He helps rescuers cope with the intense stress of dealing with the world of Anti-Human Trafficking.

Our heroes

We partner with and support law enforcement agencies and rescue teams all over the world that take down trafficking rings and protect our communities.

We Work with:

  • Law Enforcement
  • Non-governmental Organizations
  • International Organizations
  • Missionaries
  • Faith Based Organizations

These brave rescuers fight to save lives from deep, well-established trafficking rings. They risk their lives to do it. We are going to help them come home safely.

Fund a Training


ORC has achieved 501(c)3 status

Operation Rescue Children has achieved 501(c)3 status. Your donation is now a tax deductible expense.
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What is human trafficking?

Human trafficking, also known as modern slavery, is a crime of exploitation and abuse. It refers to the act of recruiting people for forced labor or commercial sexual exploitation through the use of violence, force or coercion. 
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The Victims of Trafficking

Human trafficking does not discriminate. Victims of human trafficking can be anyone, but women and children and especially immigrant populations are at risk for exploitation.
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Every Child Deserves a Chance

Your tax-deductible donation goes directly towards training operations.

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When our eyes were opened to the reality of human trafficking we knew we had to do something. It has become something we now consider a personal obligation. And taking on the worst of the worst is no small feat. It is going to take an army of good human beings to fight this evil.

Together we can make a difference. You can become a part of ORC's mission to provide freedom, dignity, and opportunity to all enslaved people. You can make an impact on the world.

Stop. Sponsor. Save.

There are many ways you can join the fight

  • Volunteer Time
  • Share Your Talents
  • Spread Awareness
  • Host a fundraiser
  • Donate money

To get more information on how you can join the fight to end human trafficking contact us below.

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