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When our eyes were opened to the reality of human trafficking we knew we had to do something. It has become something we now consider a personal obligation. And taking on the worst of the worst is no small feat. It is going to take an army of good human beings to fight this evil.

Together we can make a difference. You can become a part of ORC's mission to provide freedom, dignity, and opportunity to all enslaved people. You can make an impact on the world.

Stop. Sponsor. Save.

There are many ways you can join the fight

  • Volunteer Time
  • Share Your Talents
  • Spread Awareness
  • Host a fundraiser
  • Donate money

To get more information on how you can join the fight to end human trafficking contact us below.

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Every Child
Deserves a Chance

Our team works with rescuers that fight to save lives from deep, well-established trafficking rings. Rescuers risk their lives to do it. We believe the fight is worth the risk.

Help Save Children